Mr. Aliotta has been investing in early stage companies and start-ups since 2007.   Mr. Aliotta seeks companies that empower the individual, take care of their employees, and improve the lives of our community.

Anova GroupAnova Marketing Group (EXITED): Mr. Aliotta with two partners founded this Digital Marketing firm in 2008 that specialized in leveraging sophisticated analytics to optimize and run digital campaigns.   Anova Group, along with its proprietary technology, was sold to Acquity Group in 2011.  Mr. Aliotta then served as Digital Marketing and Analytics practice lead as Acquity Group was subsequently sold to Accenture Interactive in a 316 million cash transaction.

ascyrus medical logoAscyrus Medical (

Founded in January 2015 by Dr. Ali Shahriari,  Asycharus Medical seeks to address the life threatening condition of aortic dissection.  Dr. Shahriari has developed a stent to address BeBakey I/ II dissections which lead to additional high-risk procedures in 40-50% of the cases with a 50% mortality rate for patients within 10 years.  The stent is currently an investigational device in Europe and Canada and not yet available commercially.

Renu Energy Solutions Investment

Renu Energy Solutions is a nationwide developer of solar and energy storage solutions for non-profit, commercial and residential customers.   Renu provides full-service turn-key solar solutions in North Carolina and South Carolina.